Surfing is more than just a sport for us; it's a way of life. And in our endless pursuit of the perfect wave, we realized something crucial was missing – the perfect surf hat. 

As surfers, we're basically marinating in the sun, and while we all love that sun-kissed look, looking like a leather handbag at 40 isn't cool. 

After testing almost every sunscreen imaginable and still coming home with sunburnt noses and worsening crow's feet, we faced the truth: sunscreen alone isn’t enough, especially during those marathon sessions and under the intense sun of tropical climates.

A Story of Necessity and Innovation

We knew we needed superior sun protection, but the challenge was finding a hat that wouldn't just disappear into the ocean's depths, especially when tackling bigger waves and executing duck dives.

The idea hit us while wearing our wetsuit hoods in colder waters – they never slipped off, but they weren't quite right either, the peak wasn’t big enough to shade our eyes and faces from the sun's glare, and they would be far too warm for warmer waters and intensely sunny days.

We swapped our surfboards for sewing machines (temporarily) and started experimenting. We tested different materials and designs, always keeping in mind our experiences as surfers. We wanted a hat that felt like a natural extension of our surfing gear – functional, comfortable, and environmentally responsible.

We crafted the first prototypes with our own hands, and although the stitching wasn't perfect, they were crucial in our testing across various conditions. We even roped in our friends to try them out and provide honest feedback. 

Finding the right shape was just the first hurdle; the real challenge was finding someone to produce our design with the finesse it deserved. After facing rejections from numerous hat factories, we finally partnered with a manufacturer willing to embark on this journey with us. Following several sample iterations, we launched our first small production run. 

Our commitment to creating the best possible product is unwavering, and it goes hand in hand with our dedication to sustainability. That's why we're always eager to hear from our customers – your feedback is invaluable in our continuous quest for improvement!

Introducing the Shadeseeker Hat: Practical, Stylish, Sustainable.

The Shadeseeker Hat is the lovechild of a wetsuit hood and the most loyal cap you've ever owned. It sticks with you through the gnarliest waves, protecting your head and neck from the sun's rays without turning you into an unwilling participant of a hat-rescue mission.

We ditched the chinstrap – because nobody should feel like they're in a wrestling match with their hat, and created a shape that stays put even in double overhead conditions (yes, we tested it!), added a peak that actually protects your eyes from the sun, instead of just decorating your forehead.

We chose to make it from ECONYL® regenerated nylon because we care about our oceans as much as we do about our skin.

From Idea to Reality: A Personal Journey

This isn't just a product launch. It's a story of a few surfers who saw a need, not just for ourselves, but for our community. Join us, not just in wearing a hat, but in embracing a surfing lifestyle that's conscious, sustainable, and always ready for the next wave.

Here's to riding the daylight waves without turning to dust.

Check Out the Shadeseeker Hat: Your New Go-To for Sunny Surf Days